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Car wheels come in many sizes but only one basic shape: round. However, that doesn't mean that they're all created equal. Depending on what type of car you drive, your rim may need to be stronger, lighter, smaller or larger than other options you're looking at. When they need to be replaced, rims need to be basically the same size. If not, you're looking at major vehicle modifications, and none of us want that. Things should be simple.

One of the most popular types of wheel for cars in the modern age is the alloy wheel. Basically, alloy rims are a mixture of various metal types. Most use a lot of aluminum in their construction, and this makes them much lighter and, in some cases, much stronger. It all depends on the type of wheel. Forged aluminum alloy rims are the strongest alloys on the market.

Alloy wheels are available in the aforementioned forged style, and also one and two-piece styles. A one-piece alloy rim is much like the mag-style you'll see on popular models like SUVs. Two-piece alloys have a cast center hub and a spun rim that are secured with welds.

Most of the fancier styles of wheels are alloys. Aftermarket gold rims are usually alloy rims that have been electrically charged and then gold plated. You can also find chrome, silver, and other painted finishes on alloy wheels.

Steel wheels are basically made the same as alloy wheels, only their construction is with the one type of metal. Steel is much thicker than aluminum and therefore much stronger than most alloy varieties. But being heavier also means that your car doesn't perform as well as with alloy wheels.

A lot of cars on the road today also use carbon fiber wheels. While these rims are much lighter than both steel and alloy, they're also much more fragile, and you won't find many trucks or SUVs operating with carbon fiber.

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