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As an industry leader and trusted sourcing expert, for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING upscale and across the board, for wheel and wheel-related products, we continue to strive to be the best at what we do and offer clients of distinction, OEM wheels/rims, wheel covers, center caps, replacement wheels/rims, replacement/aftermarket wheel covers, and other related wheel products and accessories. We represent client interest with vigor and pursue creative sourcing through extensive, reliable networking and affordability, ease of process all from a trusted, reputable leader in industry. When you demand the best, entrust a partner who knows the business and market-offerings inside-and-out!


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You might, at this point, rightfully then be wondering what sets us apart and what your rationale, motivation and/or rewards for buying from us would be. We gladly offer some suggestions and thoughts, on how we could be of service to you.

  • Customer focus and relationships developing over time is what matters to us. Realizing that your 'wheels' is so much more than something that gets you from point A to B, or Z! We get sentiment, investment and personal expression of style, accomplishment and good taste. We enjoy providing you with the ultimate 'wheels experience', that you will not find elsewhere!
  • Demand, expect and deliver a wide selection, large variety of wheels, rims, for cars and trucks, specialty, upgrade, power and performance wheel products, like snow wheels, aluminum wheels, chrome rims, steel and/or white wheels, refurbished or new wheel, weld wheels and tires, center caps/hub caps, wheel covers and more. No matter what your need for speed or custom wheels, replacement wheels, used wheels, rims and other related OEM parts, we bring the selection and custom options to you fingertips and doorstep.
  • When matching, exact fit, precision and accuracy, quality, OEM, guaranteed products and service offerings are paramount, we deliver the best.
  • We pride ourselves in a customer-centric and satisfaction guaranteed wheel purchase experience from start to finish - exceeding client expectations at every opportunity.
  • Reliability AND Affordability are priorities we do not compromise on
  • Individualization, customization, styling and personalized service
  • Resourceful expertise, extensive industry network and technical, sourcing collaboration
  • Ease of use, searchable, 24/7, support and customer service you can count on
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Wheels and Rims - Tips, Guide & General Information

Please take a moment to educate yourself and learn the specific definitions of wheels and rims, color and finish descriptions, common expressions, shopping tips and general information that can help you to choose the right wheel or rim for your vehicle. Click on the title to see the details.