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The Geo Metro defines automotive choice. If your options for car parts, replacement or aftermarket, OEM, new/used genuine 100% authentic Geo wheels, rims, covers, lights and mirrors are limited by price concerns, then trade-offs really are possible, products abound and we have what you need at our online supply-store. The Geo Metro remains a popular candidate for top-selling quality aftermarket parts.

It was launched in a 1989 rollout by the giant, General Motors and sold under the auspices of fuel-economy and highest-mileage entry, in even an affordable hatch-back version, it has lots to offer owner and enthusiast who want to showcase their power and performance in a stylish ride. Geo Metros do not come short in the under-hood department – they muscle with a 4-cylinder engine sedan, which replaces the aging 5-door hatchback.

Two distinct enhanced features include increased rigidity and body strength. Visibility and safety became big issues for the automotive designers and it is apparent when you look at the Geo Metro lighting configuration.

For increased visibility and safety the Geo sports OEM daytime running lamps, combination head lights and large, no almost over-sized rounded tail lights bringing up the rear. 13” wheels were featured standard in two body styles, namely a 3-door coupe hatchback and 4-door sedan, in a either a base or LSi trim levels.

Some of the quality products we offer also include the Goe Metro dual remote mirrors. Jelly-bean shaped, mid-size sedan with small headlights hugging the oval-shape, with pillar trim and bodyside moldings, all reek upscale and automotive design speaking loudly, wanting to be heard. You can easily echo and strengthen the message and overall look and function of your vehicle with the choice of appropriate Geo Metro parts that please, impress, fit, work and last, at an affordable price.

Roomy and ergonomic, unique head-lamp housings and configurations that makes its easy to spot in a crowd, to sloping hood design, thinner silhouette and grit to qualify as a starter or timeless favorite for many proud owners.

Let your repair, classic or vintage Geo Metro restoration, tinkering and custom upgrade, trim, cosmetic repair, exterior and interior stylings, precision-fit, exact form and quality OEM manufactured parts and material for your Geo Metro ensuring peace of mind and functionality, match, affordability, durability and longevity, come to life. We have the products offerings, services, solutions and pricing on all Geo Metro auto body parts, to deliver to your expectation and beyond.

Most Popular GEO Metro Wheels / Rims, Mirrors & Lights

Description:12" x 4" Steel Wheel
Steel Wheel; 12 X 4; 8 Holes; 4 Lug; 4.5 Inch BP; Ident 30004009; Black
Fits:1994 GEO Metro
Please make sure to select the desired style/color; The pictures on the web are in black-and-white. Product does not come with Lugnuts or Center Caps
Warranty:Lifetime Warranty
Part No:STL60134U45
Retail Price:$101.00 
Discount Price:$70.00Buy Now

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